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We will be looking into all the layers that make up our food world.  Farmers that protect the environment and love their produce. Butchers that have mastered their trade, respect the animal and use every inch of their meat, so nothing goes to waste.  Fishermen that are conscious of their stocks and work with mongers that promote sustainably.  Chefs working in conjunction with these professionals to create the perfect recipes and menus, and working with vignerons and vineyards to pair your meal with the perfect beverage to create an exquisite experience.  

We are promoting all aspects of the best produce Britain can offer, from the homegrown, delicious and economical to the starry heights of award winning chefs and products, and taking you on a culinary adventure as well as discussing how meat, fish and produce can be sustainable when produced with consideration and care.  All that, as well as taking you on a tour of the world to discover what others do to protect the land and animals by working with the best chefs and merchants.  

We believe that being responsible can involve eating good produce and that being conscious of where it’s from and how its nurtured can make a difference.  The Prime Edition will show you the dimensions of food and hospitality that are unsung and will be proudly celebrated!

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